Best and Most Sanitary Ways to Find and Remove Dead Georgia Opossums

There are instances that the Savannah opossum may die in the obscure and hard-to-reach areas of our house. This will make the removal of their carcass a bit troublesome. Perhaps the first sign of a dead opossum would be the swarm of flies that are attracted by the lifeless body of the possum. In this article, we will discuss how to successfully determine their location and to remove them appropriately and safely. Remember that even the dead body of a creature can carry pathogens and parasites that are looking for a new host.

How to Find the Dead Body of the Opossum

In case you've tried everything possible and you still can't get rid of that obnoxious smell, then there's probably a dead opossum in your house. If you can't find the body of the opossum, it may be in the hidden areas of your house. This is an indication that you need the help of the professional.

Insects in Your Savannah Home

In case there is a sudden increase of ants or flies in your Georgia home, there may possibly be something that is attracting them. Following the trail of the insect may lead you to the location of the carcass. For instance, in case a fly is hovering in your wall and suddenly landed on a particular spot, use your nose to determine if the scent is stronger in that area. 


The dead body of the Georgia opossum may also cause staining. In the event that you noticed a stain that you simply can't explain, this can be the location of the source of the foul odor. The wildlife control expert will be able to accurately determine the reasons of the unusual stain.

Removing the Dead Savannah Body

When removing the dead body of the opossum, make sure that you are equipped with the protective gear. Wear a mask with HEPA filter to avoid inhaling the spores. You should also have gloves when handling the carcass. Spray some water on the body of the dead creature to avoid the pathogens from being airborne when you disturb the dead body. Accidentally inhaling the spores may increase the possibility of contracting the disease. 

Scoop the dead body with the garbage bag. If there are other items associated with the Georgia opossum such as the nesting materials, you also need to dispose this. Seal the garbage bag before placing it again in another garbage bag. Seal it again and do not release the air trapped inside the bag. Place it inside the cardboard box and seal the box with packing tape. You may then place it in your trash bin and wait for the garbage collector to collect it.

After removing the dead body, you will need to disinfect your Savannah area to ensure that you will eliminate all the microorganisms that are carrying diseases. You can use an enzyme-based cleaner that has the capacity to disintegrate organic matters. You may also use bleach when cleaning your house. Properly sanitizing your area can guarantee that your house will stay a safe place to live in.

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