Which Poisons are Used to Kill Georgia Squirrels - Are They an Effective Solution?

When you are planning to use a poison to resolve your Savannah pest infestation, you need to ask yourself first if it will prevent the other wildlife creatures from invading your property. In case you ask any wildlife experts, they will tell you that poison is never a solution. Squirrels are smart creatures and they will not be easily convinced to eat the bait with poison. Most rodents will taste the food first in small amount to check if this is safe for them to eat.

Different Types of Poisons and Why We Do Not Recommend Them

Let us say that the Georgia squirrel did take the bait with poison, what do you think will happen after? Remember that the squirrel have a unique habit. They will store their excess food first allowing them to have a stash of food that they can use later. This simply means that you will have to wait a longer time before the poison will deliver the result that you want. Here are some poisonous compound as well as their effect.

Anti Coagulant

This poison will result in a very slow and excruciating death. Usually, the Georgia squirrel will have to suffer for 2 weeks before they die. This is something that is prohibited under the law as stated on the Animal Welfare law. Anti coagulant will interrupt the cycle of Vitamin K in the body of the rodent. This compound is important to the squirrels since this is responsible for the blood clot. Absence of Vitamin K will result to hemorrhaging and will destroy their blood vessels. In a sense, this will cause extreme fatigue to the squirrel and will affect their body's capacity to heal. 

Metal Phosphides

This is one of the most common chemicals that are found in the rodenticide. After the Georgia squirrel ingests the compound, this will create a chemical reaction in their stomach that will lead to the creation of the phosphine gasses. Most rodent does not have the capacity to pass gasses. The toxic gas will then be processed by their body that will pass through their bloodstream and damage the different vessels in their body. The whole process is just too disturbing and inhumane. The squirrel will experience brain damage, paralysis, convulsion, and cardiovascular failure.


This compound contains Vitamin D. You are probably wondering how Vitamin D can negatively affect them considering that this is beneficial to human. When the squirrel took a considerable amount of this compound, it will lead to hypercalcemia. This means that there is an abnormal level of calcium in the blood stream of the squirrel. Once they ingested a decent amount of cholecalciferol, their kidneys, lungs, abdominal cavity and other vital organs will experience severe damage. 

Now that you know how most of the Savannah poison works, it is not that difficult to understand why we do not recommend the use of poison. Apart from that, our cats and dogs can accidentally ingest them. A small amount of these poisons would be enough to kill a large dog. You need to protect your kids and pets from these toxic chemical substances. 

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